On the Town: Give your out-of-town clients another vantage point on the Twin Cities with a memorable evening on an outdoor patio.

by Melinda Nelson, TCB Magazine


The distant Midwestern cousin of the Hamptons, Wayzata in July is always a good idea. In authentic East Hampton style, don’t bother trying to find a parking place. Instead, hand your keys to the valet at CōV and use the time saved to score a coveted table on the patio overlooking the azure waters of Wayzata Bay. Surrounded by beauties and power brokers, and CōV’s signature ’70s soundtrack, order a bottle of Veuve. Feast on lobster guacamole, Skuna Bay salmon with Minnesota-grown wild rice, and a slice of decadent Sammi cake, and wave as the train thunders past on railroad tracks once owned by James J. Hill’s Great Northern Railroad. See the full article in the July 2015 issue.